Leaders: Lucy & Phil L

Theme Verse

Daniel 1:20
And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king enquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm.

Context: Daniel 1 (BibleGateway)

Meeting Time

Monday 4:00 PM


CAB, meeting in basement at 4:00PM, moving up to a classroom after 3. Call Lucy to find out where the classroom is!

News Items:

Post-March -April
We've basically "finished" cell group formal meetings at school for 2009. Continue to be faithful in prayer, to read and study God's word, reflect upon and acknowledge the blessings God has given you, and most importantly, live your lives, running the race marked out for us with Jesus as our primary focus, as He is the author and perfecter of our faith! (Hebrews 12:2)

March 23 - Bible study outline below.

March 16th - So continuing on our series on the fruits of the spirit, we are going to be talking about the fruit of the spirit about gentleness, which i think is one of the misunderstood fruits of the spirits. Are we asked to be meek people of God and letting anyone walk all over us? Or, are we simply misunderstanding what gentleness is in our modern society. If you want to learn about gentleness and how you can use it to strengthen your relationships, please come out! We are meeting like usual at 4:00pm and in CAB basement. If you guys ever need to meet earlier let me know, and i'll see you guys there!

March 9th - We are starting a new series on the fruits of the spirit. We have started out with talking about the rarest fruit, PATIENCE! >,< If you would like to learn more about patience - check back here for the worksheet that we talked about in cell group!

Feb 23 - Back to school for some of us - prepare to prepare! It's Monday cell group's time to do something on friday. There is some semblance of a plan. If you can't make it out, please pray for those who do and that our planning will go as God leads.

Feb 16 - So… Haven't been updating much as you can see, but on Feb 16th we had a wonderful retreat and time of fellowship and sharing.

Over the past month we've had a couple of studies, had some prayer time and also went out for bubble tea.

Jan 12, 09 - We're back in Action! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Well, technically not the new year yet :| that comes at the end of the month. the lunar one, anyways :|) Different time, 4:00 PM but same meeting place. If you cannot make this time, please email Lucy or Phil to set up a time to meet!

Dec 15, 08 - Merry Christmas everyone :)

Dec 8, 08 - Updated AHEAD of time! Most of us are deep into exam time, so we'll be meeting in the same location for a time of prayer. There is no other planned activity so feel free to stop by and fellowship for a few minutes and share your prayer requests!

Dec 1, 08 - Discussion on witnessing to unbelievers. Attachment with discussion questions uploaded below.

Nov 24, 08 - Discussion on video "What if church was marketed like Starbucks?" View the video Here
Attachment with discussion questions are uploaded below.

Nov 17, 08 - Bible Study on Prayer, with focus on "The Lord's Prayer" as found in Matthew 6:5-15. See files for worksheets on both the Oct. 27th and Nov 17th Bible studies!

Nov 10, 08 - Will not be having cell group as school is cancelled. Lucy and I encourage you to check out the Wednesday and Thursday cell groups! Check out their webpages and ask their leaders for more information!

Nov 3, 08 - Had an excellent relaxing time in prayer and fellowship at Dream Tea House this week. Remember to keep in touch with fellow cell group members and keep them in prayer!

Oct 27, 08 - Preparation for Fall Frolic - Parables.
Covered the Parables listed below, and an additional one:
Luke 15:1-8 Parables of the Lost Sheep

Oct 20, 08 - Manuscript Study "Love"
Planned for Fall Frolic, the parables we will be covering on the 31st will be:
Matthew 13:1-23 ("Parable of the Sower")
Matthew 7:24-27 (Parable of the "Wise and Foolish Builders")
Matthew 22:1-14 ("Parable of the Wedding Banquet")
Luke 15:8-10 ("Parable of the Lost Coin")


For information discussed past cell groups, for question sheets etc, for information on the next cell group, Contact Phil/Lucy.

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