Cell Groups

What Are Cell Groups?

Cell groups consist of 5-10 people from TYF who meet weekly on the U of A campus, to share in fellowship, fun, fruitfulness! wOw! Basically we get together for Bible Studies, discussions, share things we are thankful for and/or worried about, or just chill and pray for one another. It's a great way to get to know your fellow TYFers in this smaller setting!

When Do We Meet?

This year we have 4 cell groups:

1D - Monday @ 4:00 PM and also *By Appointment*
Cre8ed - Wednesdays @ 4:00 P.M.
S.L.O.T.H. -
CROW - Thursdays @ 3:00 PM

How Can I Join One?

You may contact the leaders directly (their e-mails are listed on their groups' pages), or you can contact our lovely caring coordinators Andrew (moc.liamtoh|oor_ydna_emosewa#moc.liamtoh|oor_ydna_emosewa) and Clara (moc.liamtoh|cc11eulb#moc.liamtoh|cc11eulb), who will be able to fit you in a group!

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