Cell Groups 2010-2011

What is a Cell Group?

A Cell Group is made up of several members of TYF. Its purpose is to fellowship with brothers and sisters in a smaller, closer knit environment, and to encourage personal reflection. Because of this, a Cell Group is a place where spiritual growth happens.

We have four groups meeting on the University of Alberta campus. If you're ever on campus, feel free to drop in.

If you'd be interested in joining a Cell Group, see which one works best for your schedule and send an email to the leaders. They'd be happy to have you.

Here are the Cell Groups for 2010/2011:

FotK ANCHOR Miblings OCD
Fellowship of the King All Need Christ - He's Our Rock Misfit Siblings Obsessive Christ Disorder
Tuesdays @ 12:30pm Wednesdays @ 3:00pm Fridays @ 3:00pm Mondays @ 12:00pm
Jon Lim & Homun Yee Pheobe Wong & Carol Chan Jon Wong & Sam Cheng Grace Hsieh & Jennifer Chow
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