Chapter 5 - Writing On The Wall

Bible Study

When: 14 Mar 2008, 7:30 pm

Where: ECAC Basement

What To Bring: Yourselves, Your Bibles, Pen/Pencil


Please read Daniel Chapter 5 before coming, and consider the following:

Chapter 5 - Pre Study Questions For Thought
Chapter 5 - Pre Study Activity
Chapter 5 - Cartoon Version


Pre Bible Study

This is a chance for leaders of the small discussion groups to go through the material once before the study itself. Everyone is invited!!! And you will not be obligated to lead a group on Friday if you come out! :)

When: Friday, 14 March, 5:00pm

Where: Emilia's Place (266 Hillcrest Place)

What To Bring: Yourselves, Your Bibles, Pen/Pencil

Food: Iron Chef D.O.K. will be cooking dinner

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