Chapter 6 Daniel & The Lions Den

Bible Study

When: 11 Apr 2008, 7:30 pm

Where: ECAC Basement

What To Bring: Yourselves, Your Bibles, Pen/Pencil

Passage of Study: Daniel 6 (Please read this before coming)



Hint: Notice that there isn't a pre study activity this time! So you may want to have a peek at the following quiz:
Chapter 6 Quiz

Other Resources

Pre Bible Study

This is a chance for leaders of the small discussion groups to go through the material once before the study itself. Everyone is invited! And you will not be obligated to lead a group on Friday if you come out! Also, I understand that some of you cannot make it on Friday, but you are still welcome to come out to the pre study!

When: Tuesday (8 Apr 2008), 12:30pm

Where: U of A, Education North, 2nd Floor (We'll meet and then find a room)

What To Bring: Yourselves, Your Bibles, Pen/Pencil

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