EMC Ushering at ECAC

What is "ushering" and why is TYF a part of it? Feel free to ask our Vice President!

Our fellowship will be serving in the Sunday worship services at our church (ECAC) this year.

The English Congregation has asked us to help usher as a way of building up the church community.

Ushering is an opportunity to give back to the larger Body of Christ. It is an act of service, an honour, and privilege. Just as importantly, it is a way we can bring glory to God.

Every Sunday I will ask a new Cell Group to lead in ushering. Servant Team members will help usher as well.

How to usher:

- Fold service bulletins at TYF on the Friday before

- Arrive at ECAC on Sunday morning at 10:45am sharp

- Hand out service bulletins at the sanctuary's two entrances

- Assist the Welcome Committee in greeting any new post-secondary students

- Distribute and collect offering bags during worship service

- Fill out an attendance sheet for the English Congregation

- Take the attendance sheet to the main office and the offering to the financial office

- Praise God with your service and smiles!

Please check out the Ushering Manual for in-depth information on the ushering process.

Ushering schedule for November 2010

MIBLINGS - Sam & Jon

Ushering schedule for February 2011

Surprise! Open volunteering

Great job everyone! Thank you for your hard work in November. You were all perfectly welcoming on Sunday morning : )

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