Film Festival 2008

Chris Yip will be updating this page soon! So stay tuned!

Here's an excerpt from his e-mail to TYF:

Ladies and Gentlemen…

March 7th: One Night. One Fellowship. One Movie Making Extravaganza.

Don't worry folks, I'm not redoing my abysmal workshop. We're having a Film Festival! Yes, I can feel your enthusiasm already! But wait, there's more!

This Friday is your chance in the spotlight! You'll be divided into groups and given an hour to make a movie. The theme of the movie is, of course, Swimming Under Real Faith. Incorporating Daniel gets you extra points…
The structure is up to you: silent movie, music video, movie trailer, etc. The genre is also open to creativity, but no Korean dramas (oh yes I did, mmhmm). We might use the movie for outreach purposes in the future, so keep in mind that it COULD be a type of ministry!

The maximum length of the movie should be around 5 minutes. It is hard to keep track though, so just make sure it's not too long! We'll be numbering you off into groups; it'd be a good idea to think up ideas now so you can bring them to TYF and get discussing/filming right away. An hour is really short!

We'll be viewing all the finished products at the end of the night. If you'd like to bring laptops to edit with, music, or props, that'd be great! Bringing your own cameras is encouraged, as long as we'll be able to put the movie on the church computer to watch it. Please tell me if you plan to bring your own camera!

If you have any more questions, just ask. Thanks guys, see you Friday!


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