Girls Group 2008 - 2009

Girls group is a time of fellowship with our sisters in Christ. We are there to care and support one another. We do a range of activities such as baking, bible studies, sports, just hanging out… and the list goes on. For more information, contact Clara.


August 24, 2009
7:30pm — second cup by church
discussion led by Lucy

August 20, 2009
7:30pm — Emilia's house
Discussion led by Lucy

August 11, 2009
7:30pm — Emilia's house
Discussion led by Emilia


Ideas for Future Events

Discussion Topics

- guest speakers: A. Marylin, A. Garland, A. Ilse, A. Elaine, Rhoda, Bethany
- friendships/relationships/boys
- cultural beauty
- Christian expression to non-Christians/world
- as students: ways to serve God
- Career goals

- Picnics
- Crankpots
- Calgary roadtrip: soap & more
- Dress up event
- Nature walks
- Movie nights
- Sleepovers
- food night/baking
- Hot pot

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