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Welcome to Guy's Group '10.

Guy's Group is a weekly meeting geared towards the male members of our fellowship, where we can explore our identities as men with a God-centered mindset. Our aim is to bond and grow together through activities, service, and discussion.

Proverbs 27:17 - "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Guy's Caring Coordinator

Mars Hill Church - Sermons by Pastor Mark Driscoll

Throughout the summer, we touched on many topics relating to what the Bible says about godly manhood.
These sermons were a resource for many of the discussions. I encourage you to check them out. -> scroll down to "Dating"

Event Archive

29 August 2010


This week will be our last GG meeting of the summer, and my last as Guy's Caring Coordinator.

WHEN: 2:30pm - Sunday, August 29th
WHAT: Outdoor Games (football), Encouragement, Accountability Partners

For this last week, we will begin with an outdoor game and close in a sharing of my own. I know I'm not the best speaker, but I would like to give you one last word, that I might encourage you as your brother and as a fellow runner preparing for the race ahead.

I thank you all for attending this summer, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday one last time.

Your brother,

Here is the link to Mars Hill Church, and Pastor Mark's online sermons that Zadok shared last Friday.

22 August 2010

Hey guys,

WHAT: Sunday afternoon outdoor BBQ
WHEN: 1:15pm - 4:30pm (Sunday), right after church service
WHERE: Hawrelak Park

This week we'll be going to Hawrelak Park for one final huge beast-roast. I encourage you to bring forth as much meat and seasonings as you can stomach, and then some more for your brother's stomach. I've invited Girl's Group to come join and partake in the festivities, so be prepared to share… the vegetables, haha.

We will have a time of Accountability Partners and prayer as well, in between fellowshipping and spending time enjoying the last days of the summer.

Suggested inventory:
- 2-3 dozen burgers
- 2-3 dozen hot dogs
- Any other kind of meat you can put in fire (we should do rotisserie)
- Vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, onions)
- Condiments, cheese
- Drinks, napkins, and cutlery
- Football, soccer ball
- Propane-powered stoves, Firewood, Roasting skewers

If you're coming, help bring stuff or pitch in. Everyone bring $5 for the food.
I'll update on Friday night with what we have left to get.

Thanks guys.
Man… it's been a good summer.

See you soon,


15 August 2010


Thanks for coming out for wings on Tuesday night. It was good to hang out! Don't worry if you couldn't make it this time, though. We'll be going again soon.

WHEN: Sunday, August 15 - 2:30pm
WHAT: Sharing, Accountability Partners, Outdoor Sports

We will be having a sharing this week from an older brother. Afterwards, I would like to present a short discussion topic, of which we will discuss with our Accountability Partners.

As the summer comes to a close, I encourage you to come and enjoy the sun together in fellowship. What a blessing it is!

Your brother,


PS: We ain't having fries… gotta fast after wings…

7 August 2010

Good morning guys,

WHEN: Saturday, August 7 - 9:00AM (Notice date/time)
WHERE: Hiking Trail in the West End (address will be emailed tonight)
WHAT: Hike, Sharing, Accountability Partners, Lunch

This Saturday, we will not be going on a Biking Trip, as the transportation/rental of bicycles posed difficulties. Instead, Curtis and Phil will be leading us on a hiking trail within the city for a time of reflection and enjoying nature.
We'll meet in the West End at the beginning of the trail in the morning. I will be sending out a map tonight, so please check you emails for the exact location.
We will have a sharing this week, followed by the hike. At the mid-point, we will meet with our Accountability Partners. After the hike, you are welcome to join us for lunch.
If you need a ride, please contact me (phone: 983-5629). It will be difficult for some to get there so early in the morning, but I will do my best to arrange a ride for you.

Thank you all, and sorry for the late email. I look forward to fellowshipping with you on Saturday.

See you soon,

1 August 2010

Hello everyone,

WHEN: Sunday, August 1st - 2:30pm
WHAT: Bible Study on Ephesians, Accountability Partners, Outdoor hang out

This week we'll be studying Ephesians 5:1-21. Much of it has a lot to do with what we've been discussing in Guy's Group. Andrew Evans and I will be sharing a study of the passage. I encourage you to read it over and think on its application before coming so that we can better explore it as a group.

I was thinking of going to Heritage Days together as a group. I'll send out another email this weekend on our activity this week. If we're sticking with outdoor games, I'll send an email asking for shorts… haha

It was great seeing all of you on Sunday. I thank you all for attending and for sharing in our growth together in the Body of Christ.

Remember your brothers in prayer. And remember: God is unchanging, and God is good.

Your brother,

PS: It is probably next Saturday, August 7th, will be the GG Biking Trip. Let me know if the date doesn't work for you.

And here's something for fun…

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