John 4 & 5 - A Time Of Healing

A lot of healing took place at the this year's TYF Camp that was held February 15-16. Words were given in the form of personal testimonies, lives were broken, poured out and rededicated to God, and people were reconciled to one another and to the Father.

There was love, and there was healing.

And befitting of this atmosphere or renewal and personal healing, came the story of the healing of the official's son and of the paralytic at the pool in John 4:43 to 5:15.

The main points that can be reviewed are:

  • the great faith and absolute obedience of the official (4:50)
  • the illustration of John 3:16 (Jesus as Savior of the entire world) as evidenced by Jesus' successive meetings with a Jew (Nicodemus), a Samaritan (woman and the well) and finally a Gentile (the official)
  • the power and importance of personal will and persistent desire to be made spiritually "well" (4:47 and 5:6-8)
  • the renewal of one's faith and spiritual life through an encounter with Jesus

Very entertaining skits depicting the healing of the paralytic were reenacted in four genres: horror, romantic comedy, ghetto, and musical. Unfortunately, since no one filmed the proceedings, we cannot relive the humiliation — I mean, entertainment. You will have to ask a member of TYF, and they will gladly fill you in on all the hilarious details :).

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