Lucy's Bio

Name: Lucy Qiwen Zhu
Nicknames: Lulu, LuC, Lu, Big Luc?
ST position: Girls’ Caring Coordinator
Contact: moc.liamg|7891uhzycul#moc.liamg|7891uhzycul

Years in School: Graduated April 2009
Program: Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing and a minor in Business Law

Personality: Hmm.. it is pretty hard to describe myself. I am a very loud and outgoing person, and I love to joke around and laugh. I love meeting new people, and hanging out any chance that I get. I tend to joke around a lot, so if you don’t get my jokes or if you don’t find my jokes funny, don’t feel bad many people don’t understand my sense of humor anyway! I tend to be very quick to anger, so beware to anyone that doesn’t no me very well, I am quick to anger but also very quick to chill, so never take what I yell personally, hahah. I care about my family very deeply, and because you are now a part of tyf, I care deeply about you as well, so if you ever feel that I am being too serious, it is only because I care about you!

Like I said its hard to describe myself in words, you’ll have to see me in action!

Likes: listening, singing, and writing music, youtube, driving, the CWTV channel, hanging out with friends, playing board games with some kind of strategy, Korean entertainment, poker, malls, shopping, good customer service, the color blue, high fashion, makeup, dancing when no ones watching, photography, tattoos and of course eating (lemons yummy!)
Dislikes: injustice and unfair treatment, smoking, getting early for work, skiing!!! Cold days when I forget to wear a warm jacket, taking the bus, when people take forever to reply you, fighting over stupid things, rude people, rude customers, getting sick, and sappy movies.

Music I like: I love alternative music! I have two Ipods that are both 30 GB, and guess what? They are both full, and no, there is no videos or extra things other than music. I love pop music the most, and in one phase of my life I was obsessed with Korean boys, but now I just listen to their music occasionally. I range from emo screamo music all the way to the blues. The only music I do not like is country and classical!
Movies I like: Drag me to hell (not for the actual movie, but for the company), Transformers 1+2, Pixar movies, 3d imax under the sea, Stardust, Yes Man, Final Destination, The Ring… sense a pattern here? I love horror movies!

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 6:33
"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

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