Meet Pastor Henry

Pastor Henry Trickey would like to meet you for coffee!

You can reach Pastor Henry by e-mail here.


The purpose of my visits is simply to get to know people, learn about their hopes and aspirations, their spiritual journey of faith, and most importantly to ask how I can pray for them.

I will always offer to buy lunch or coffee and would be most glad to meet with everyone. If two individuals would like to come at the same time, this works well too, but only if they wish to do so i.e. two close friends who would feel comfortable sharing in each others company.


While this would be my normal schedule (below), occasionally things come up than mean a change. Also if I can occasionally take someone at 4:00 however I find that 5 hours straight is a bit much and I don't want to be loosing concentration ability but would rather be able to give focused attention.

I will confirm each appointment. I do not wish to accidentally stand anyone up (!) and perhaps not even know it.


If it is at the University my usual meeting place is "Good Earth Cafe" located south of the Hub and across the street and east of the University Hospital. The address if needed is as follows:

Good Earth Cafe and Bakery, 8623 112 Street Edmonton (see above).

If you are at another location I can also meet with you but I might need to schedule some time before and possibly after for travel.

How can I sign up?

We are working on an online sign up sheet to meet with Pastor Henry here on the wiki.
Until then, feel free say "hi" and make an appointment through his email at moc.liamg|yekcirt.yrneh#moc.liamg|yekcirt.yrneh.

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