Servant Team Meeting Agendas

Want to know what happens behind the scenes in TYF?

Each year, the Timothy Youth Fellowship elects individuals to serve for a full-year term in guiding the direction and organization of the fellowship. Together, these members make up the Servant Team (ST).
ST is tasked with leading weekly activities, keeping contact with the larger church family, and nurturing the spiritual community within the fellowship body.
The team is privileged with guidance from TYF Counselors who provide support through their experience and advice.

Visit the Contact Us page to learn more about this year's team.

Servant Team meets to discuss the goings-on of TYF every couple weeks.
In order to better serve our congregation, we want to be transparent to you in where our focus is and how we are leading the fellowship.

We will post the Minutes of our meetings here. You are welcome to comment on where we are going as well.

Please use the TYF Questions page to give us feedback. We greatly appreciate anything you have to say.

Here's how to access the ST Minutes:

  • Make sure you are logged in to the TYF Wiki
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Files link (the bottom right-hand corner)
  • Click the link associated with the most recent Meeting Minutes file name
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