Sleepover Retreat 2009

This may come as a shock to some of you, but ST has been sneaky and we have planned an overnight retreat at the church for this

Sunday Feb 15th 8PM to Monday Feb 16th noon.

I'm sorry this is last minute in letting you guys know, but we had to get the approval from the Elder Board. Basically the point of this Reading Week Retreat is for us as TYFers to come together for some intensive learning, worship and bonding activities.

Here is the plan:

The night will be full of scheduled activities: different forms of worship, singing, eating, sharing, guys/girls groups, drime, John Bible Study…IT"S GONNA BE SICK! Remember, we are not just another group of uni students, but a body of Christ looking to see how we can EVERGLOW!

We will meet at the CHURCH at 8PM on Sunday, and have a full night/morning of activities, and go home at noon the next day. ST and some other TYFers will be leading the events.

I will send out a list of what you need to bring. Please note that guys and girls will be sleeping in DIFFERENT ROOMS.

What To Bring

  • a foaming or bedding of some sort since we will be sleeping on the floor
  • sleeping bag
  • toilitries (sorry there is NO shower available Alex Tan)
  • Bible
  • PJs if you are planning on sleeping
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