TYF Camp 2009

The confirmation forms have been sent to your email accounts. These must be in with your $80 cash or check payment (made out to Roscoe Gee) by Friday July 3rd. Please hand your form and money to Roscoe. This will confirm your attendance and help us with how much we are bringing.

If you need a form, please email Mill at moc.liamg|eel.jl.ailema#moc.liamg|eel.jl.ailema, and she will send you one!

Or download it here.

We are going from Friday July 17th thru to Sunday July 19th. We are heading to the beautiful mountains for the Kananaskis region.

We will have 2 basic departures: those who can leave Edmonton at 9am, and those who can leave Edmonton after work (after 5 PM).

TYF 09 Summer Camp: Ride organization

Helen (Fri 9 am)

1. Theo
2. Daniel
3. May

Emilia (Fri 9am)

1. Phil Liu
2. Mark

Mill (Fri 1pm)

1. Josiah
2. Michael
3. Grace

Matt (Fri 5pm)

1. Diana
2. Alex Chow
3. Andrew Evans
4. Marylin Hwong

Andrew (Fri 5pm)

1. Phoebe
2. Jon Yu
3. Stacey
4. Elaine: pick up Calgary

Roscoe (Fri 5pm)

1. Colin
2. Kristen
3. Jocelyn
4. Kathy Gee

Chris (Fri 5pm)

1. Enoch
2. Allison
3. Phil Chow
4. Calvin Kwan

Eric (Sat AM)

1. Clara
2. Lucy

Camp Pack List

July 17-19, 2009
PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR STUFF WITH YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME! *Please try to avoid bringing anything with excess “scent” to them – shampoos, deodorants, lip balms etc. These attract animals. Please keep all your toiletries in a TIGHT SEAL plastic bag of some sort. ALL SCENTED PRODUCTS go in the car (NOT stored in tents), so please pack accordingly and have a separate bag for these items, and yes, I know it’s inconvenient and seemingly unreasonable, but it’s for your safety and out of respect of the people whose tents we are borrowing – not just bears, but mice and squirrels can chew through tents quite readily.

DO bring:

Personal items: (ranked more or less in relative importance)

  • Practical Clothing (although it's July, bring something warm. fleece or hoodie)
  • Long pants (Fuzzy pants stick to bushes and vice versa. Jeans or similarly tougher pants are ideal. Bring something you can get dirty and not be heartbroken about later)
  • Footwear – sturdy, comfortable, and practical.
  • Socks
  • Clothing you're willing to get dirty.
  • RAINGEAR (V. Essential, NOT optional) – “water resistant” does not count – waterproof or bring a plastic poncho (dollar store!!)
  • Sleeping bag (Pillow if you want)
  • Foamie or thermarest type padding, yoga mats work as well!
  • Flashlight (preferably with a strap to attach it to your wrist or neck) or headlamp
  • Water bottle
  • Food-Related Eating Implements (Plate/Bowl/Cup(for hot\ liquids)/spoon/fork/knife – don’t bring anything you’re willing to break/lose!) Not disposable!
  • Hat (Toque if you get cold at night)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel for showers
  • Camping chair
  • Bible

Other (Advised, or you can share)

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Camera (optional)

DO NOT bring

- Perfume/cologne
- Extra food (Camp Committee has taken care of this)
- Laptops, etc. WE HAVE NO SPACE.

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