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Welcome to the TYF External page!

This is where you can find information regarding events and notices that are external to TYF. Although these are not official TYF events, we encourage you to check out what's on here, and maybe you'll find something that interests you. Information that Servant Team posts onto this page has been reviewed and approved of. This page is currently being moderated by Mattie and Chris.

Inter-church and Inter-Fellowship Events

Summit Retreat


Congratulations once again on your achievement.

You are warmly invited to Summit Retreat:

  • Friday, July 29th - Monday, August 1st (long weekend)
  • HI-Nordegg Shunda Creek Hostel (3 hours SW of Edmonton)
  • Click here to register (deadline Wednesday, June 1st)
  • Please make cheques payable to Benjamin Lam
  • Maximum cost $100 (will accept $20 deposit for now)
  • Subsidies available

Other TYF and Fellowship 2.0 attendees are also welcome ^_^ .

Questions? Reach Phil Chow at 780-708-1728 or moc.liamg|namkitsdepakeht#moc.liamg|namkitsdepakeht.

Job Postings

External Concerts

What Where When Admission Time Contact
1040 Myer Horowitz Theatre Nov 14 $5 5:00 pm http://www.1040edmonton.com/
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