TYF Retreat 2009

Friday, September 11th - Sunday, September 13th

Here is a suggested packing list for TYF Retreat. (Alternatively, click here for the Word 2003 version.)

Hey guys!
I hope you are all getting in some major relax time before school starts next week (ewww, sick…….)

I've attached the form that we'll be needing from you in order for you to confirm your attendance for TYF retreat this year. (Or you can click here to download the Word 2003 version.)

We will be going to Hastings Bible Camp (about 45 min outside of Edmonton. We are leaving THE CHURCH on Friday Sept 11 around 5pm. If you have labs, skip them…JK!!!!!!!!

Please continue to watch the wiki for updates.

We will be taking a bus out to get there. To confirm your spot, the confirmation form along with with your $40 confirmation fee must be in HELEN's hand by FRIDAY SEPT 4th. Please note that no spots will be held without the confirmation fee. This is so that we will have money to buy groceries and pay for the bus.

This will be the last official event for the TYF 2008/09 year…and then the week following… the NEW 2009/10 ST will be taking over leading TYF with more awesome events for the season! WHOO HOO!

Thanks everyone!

It's back to school but don't fret, TYF retreat is just around the corner! This year, our retreat will be held from September 11-13 at Hastings Lake Bible Camp. If you are interested in attending, please confirm with Amelia Lee (moc.liamg|eel.jl.ailema#moc.liamg|eel.jl.ailema) ASAP. We know you can make it because it's the start of school and you shouldn't be too bogged down by homework! So come on out and enjoy a weekend full of lasting memories with worship, bondfire sharing, games, outdoor activities, bible studies, guest speakers, and the list goes on!! We hope to see you there!

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