World Vision Offering 2009

All offering collected in TYF during the month of December will go towards purchasing from the World Vision Gift Catalogue.

The Servant Team has selected 10 items they feel are most appropriate for TYF to purchase. Please vote on your top choice for where the money will be donated to. Once the poll is closed (on Dec 31st), the top item voted on will be the one purchased with the offering money. If a large amount of offering is received, we will allocate the money such that all the offering will be used up in the order of the voting rankings.

Before you make your decision, prayerfully consider how much God is calling you to give! Also, you may scroll through the following slides so you know exactly what each "gift" is worth and what impact it will have…

World Vision Offering Poll

For more information on other gifts, including how much they cost and which ones are multiplied, check out the website:

Since the poll only allows you to make a selection, feel free to add any comments or suggestions about this TYF activity below.

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