World Vision Offering 2010

All offering collected in TYF during the month of December will go towards purchasing from the World Vision Gift Catalogue.

Thank you all for contributing. We have raised a total of $1362.01 for World Vision. From the poll, the majority of the votes went towards "Stocking a Medical Clinic" and "Supply a Classroom". As both gifts are multiplied by approximate 15 times, we will be dividing the raised total between the two. Thank you again for your generosity! Let us continue to pray for the people receiving the gifts and ask God to use them to change lives.

For more information on other gifts, including how much they cost and which ones are multiplied, check out the website:

Since the poll only allows you to make a selection, feel free to add any comments or suggestions about this TYF activity below.

Please note: if you would like to give a large amount of money and require a tax receipt for it, please let Melissa know at fellowship or by email at moc.liamtoh|nissassa.tneiciffeni#moc.liamtoh|nissassa.tneiciffeni. Thanks!

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