Worship & AV Tech

We would love to worship God together with YOU!

Interested in joining a TYF Worship Team or becoming a tech person? Feel free to contact our Worship Coordinator!

Worship Teams

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Kelvin Yu Jon Yu John Lim
Matthew Cheng Michael Mun Phoebe Chan
Jenn Chow Pheobe Wong Annie Cai
May So Jessica Ng Rebecca Ritz
Moses Fung Jon Leung Alex Chow
Josiah Fung Grace Hsieh Allison Chen
Jason Yuen


Date Event Worship Team
Jan 14 Bible Study 2
Jan 21 MIA N/A
Jan 28 Breakforth week 3
Feb 4 Bible Study 1
Feb 11 Guest speaker 2
Feb 18 Laser Quest N/A
Feb 25 Bible Study 3
Mar 4 Girl's and Guy's Appreciation N/A
Mar 11 Guest Speaker 1
Mar 18 Workshop night 2
Mar 25 Bible Study 3
Apr 1 Cell Group lead night 1
Apr 8 Sharing night 2
Apr 15 Cell group lead night 2 3
Apr 22 Easter Potluck tba
Apr 29 Nature walk 1
May 6 Counselor talk 2
May 13 Tyf Formal N/A
May 20 Bible Study 3
May 27 Tyf Service Auction 1

Here is the schedule so far. Worship teams are required to prepare the songs, practices, and slides for the week they are scheduled for (~20 mins). Worship might also include offering, prayer time, and sharing so be prepared to work with the scheduled events of the night.

Recorded Sessions

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