Worship Workshop

Worship workshop was started in 2008 - 2009 providing worship leaders with a myriad of resources to enhance and improve leadership and technical skills. Hopefully, in this next year, we will be able to continue to provide this opportunity with the resources within and outside of the church.

TYF worship workshops are generally held at ECAC basement sanctuary starting at 6:45 pm ending around 7:30 pm (unless otherwise noted). The workshops are open for all and feel free to drop by at any time. For more information, please contact me, Matthew Cheng at moc.liamtoh|21_gnuhees#moc.liamtoh|21_gnuhees

When Who Topic
Nov 20 Leon Seto What/why/how do we worship part 1
Nov 27 Leon Seto What/why/how do we worship part 2
Dec 4 Jon Lim The Worship Experience
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